A New Exposed Aggregate Driveway In Southeast Michigan

Posted May 13th, 2011 by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. and filed in Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Patio

Exposed aggregate concrete is a wonderful product for so many reasons.  It is an attractive and reasonably priced paving surface.  The exposed stones add a great look to your patio, walk or driveway.

One thing that I like about exposed aggregate concrete is that it is not trying to look like something else.   For example concrete with a stamped brick pattern is trying to not look concrete which it is and trying to look like brick which it is not.

If you are looking to get exposed aggregate concrete you can use either pea stone mix or a larger stone concrete mix.  It is strongly suggested that you use either wire mesh or fiber mesh to reinforce the concrete and prevent cracking.

This project was designed by Deborah Silver from the Detroit Garden Works.  This is just one more feature that was added to a yard that has been beautifully sculpted.  Deborah Silver has befriended the homeowner and helped her turn this property into an oasis.

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