Granite Drive Makes Old Stone New

Posted March 6th, 2012 by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. and filed in granite, Stone

There is something about used stone that creates a look that cannot be matched artificially.  You can tumble stone or brick pavers and get a very nice look.  However reclaiming stone pavers creates a historical mosaic of color and texture that is not able to be duplicated.

These pavers were purchased from Philadelphia street paving demolition contractors.  That alone presented a problem.  There was the concern if there would be enough.  Then it would require a very reliable freight carrier.  Then with the irregular shapes the pallets did not stack well at all.  Lastly we had approximately twenty-six semi trailers full of this stone that had to be unloaded and strored on site to await its installation.

Stone pavers like this appear as though they lay pretty flat.  Although in reality every stone is varied in thickness from four to eight inches.  This required us to lay the stones in a bed of mortar that leveled each paver out.  It was important to keep each stone tight so that it would not appear to loose.

This project was designed by Rik Haugen from JJR in Ann Arbor ,MI.  Frank Rewold and Son Construction Company was the general contractor.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was the stone installer and as well installed all the stone and masonry on the house.

This drive takes on a different look wet, dry,winter and summer.  That is what makes the stone such a special product to use.

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