Creative Concrete Employee Environment

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This concrete project designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates was made for the employees of this Troy, Michigan firm.  It’s playful design and great space utilization made it a great space to take breaks.  The patio is a mixture of exposed aggregate and plain broom finish concrete.  Then the curbed exposed aggregate planter adds another point of interest.  It is always fun to work on  creative and unique projects like these.  The alignment of the lines and the change in textures show the true craftsman ship of this concrete installation.


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Masonry has been around for thousands of years and has gone through many styles and cultures.  However the fact remains it is still the most useful building material with the longest life  cycle.  Above all else it is the best medium for artistry on your home or office.  Along with its unparalleled usefulness it is can create such beautiful designs.

The project below was a combination of Brown County Stone from Indiana,  Indiana limestone and brick capping.  The project was designed by Mark Johnson.  The general contractor was Mosher Dolan.

These are great projects for a company like Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. as we are capable of all the types of masonry needed on this project.


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This may look like just a very nice raised patio that has some nice stone work and a nice railing.  However it is much more than that.  It is a patio that was originally a very unusable part of the owners yard.  It also has a storage room underneath.  John Lyndsay Mayer the landscape architect designed this contemporary terrace with switch back steps that lead to another patio at ground level.

First this required a large amount of excavation.  Then it required the foundations to be installed.  Then the room was built with concrete blocks after which a steel deck was installed for concrete to be poured over the top.  After that the stone work started.  The paving stone was put on pedestals which means the paving is level yet the water flows through the joints to a sloped concrete pad underneath then down a hidden drain.  This was not easy as it had to work around the lights and the railings.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  works very well with John Mayer.  He is a very involved landscape architect and has a strong desire to line up certain elements.  As you can see the landscape is a big part of this project as well.  The plantings almost seem bigger than life.  When taking on a project like this I would make sure to be very selective with the contractor that you choose

Bluestone Patio with Firepit Feature in Birmingham, MI

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This project that was recently completed in Birmingham, Michigan was designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates.  Our long lasting relationship with this designer gives us the flexibility to expand each others creativity.  The award winning design firm allowed us to introduce the bluestone at the wall and firepit.  This was a great fit as it complements the patio and step treads.   The patio is comprised of 24″ x 36″ pieces of full range color natural cleft bluestone.  The wall is built using irregular bluestone laid with the natural split edge out.  This adds a tremendous amount of interest to the project.  The treads were 2″ thick thermal select bluestone.

The owner was thrilled with the product as well as the schedule as it was completed in about two weeks time.


Bringing It All Together

It is so important to get everyone to work to one goal of completing a project.  If there is no communication or coordinating of the efforts everyone will selfishly attempt to get there work done without caring how the whole project looks at the end.  That is why having an experienced team of professionals can make all the difference in the world.

When every one cares about what the end result is than you can be assured it will be much better than when the opposite takes place.  Take the time to really look at the success of a contractor with other trades before hiring the low number who cannot come up with one single reference.  That is what it takes to “Bring it all Together”.

This project was designed by Dominick Tringali.  The general contractor was Kellett Construction.  The mason contractor was Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.

A New Exposed Aggregate Driveway In Southeast Michigan

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Exposed aggregate concrete is a wonderful product for so many reasons.  It is an attractive and reasonably priced paving surface.  The exposed stones add a great look to your patio, walk or driveway.

One thing that I like about exposed aggregate concrete is that it is not trying to look like something else.   For example concrete with a stamped brick pattern is trying to not look concrete which it is and trying to look like brick which it is not.

If you are looking to get exposed aggregate concrete you can use either pea stone mix or a larger stone concrete mix.  It is strongly suggested that you use either wire mesh or fiber mesh to reinforce the concrete and prevent cracking.

This project was designed by Deborah Silver from the Detroit Garden Works.  This is just one more feature that was added to a yard that has been beautifully sculpted.  Deborah Silver has befriended the homeowner and helped her turn this property into an oasis.

Summer BBQ’s With A New Masonry Grill

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Masonry BBQ with Granite Countertops

When you go to a cook out or an outdoor party the best place to hang out is around the grill.  Everyone is happy to be there the mood is great.  The atmosphere could not be better than when you can smell the food on the grill cooking.

Maybe you are thinking of putting in a masonry bbq because you were at someones house and they had one.  If you are here are a few tips to make sure the process goes well and you are getting what works and what lasts.

First pick out your grill and collect all the specifications that go along with it as they will be needed.  Second select a mason that you are very confident in and has built some of these kinds of grills in the past because he will need to coordinate everyone.  Third decide if you want or if you grill requires electrical.  If it does you will need to get an electrician.  Fourth select a plumber to install the gas line.  Fifth select the material that you would like to use for the lower area of the grill and the counter top.  Sixth map out the area where you are planning to build it.  Make sure this is a safe place that the heat and smoke from the grill will not cause problems.  Seventh make a plan to figure out how you are going place all your components and create your counter space.  Keep in mind you will need to run gas to your grill so make those accommodations.

After following those steps you are ready to start.  Keep an eye on the gas and electric as those absolutely must be done correctly for the safety you and others.  Select a counter that can handle being out side in the weather.  Make sure the grill is handled carefully and installed correctly as it is what all this is about.

When it is all done sit back and enjoy every minute you spend using it.  A masonry bbq will last many years and can be a wonderful looking piece of out door furniture.

Installing Large Pieces of Granite in Southeast Michigan

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Huge Granite Slabs Unloading and Ready for Installation

These large pieces of granite are going into a new glass sun room.  The owner picked out the slabs for their artistic movement.  The installer then had the granite fabricated to the specific shop drawings that were done prior to cutting.  Then upon arrival  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. assembled its best granite installers to handle the large pieces.  Extreme care must be taken with stones this size.  Aside from the safety of the people involved the stone’s own weight presents danger to itself.  The handling of the stone correctly in a situation like this is absolutely critical.  There are six stones that make up the carefully considered stone floor.  One broken piece will ruin the effect of the flowing granite veining.

All Six Slabs Safely in Place

A small amount of clean up is all that is left after the granite is set.

The Effect of the Entire Room

The Furnishings are the Part that Makes it Feel Complete

A contrasting granite border is put around the perimeter to accentuate the artistic pattern created with the large slabs.  Then yet another granite is selected and planters are installed at three locations.  After the granite is done Deborah Silver and Company came in and designed and planted the greenery.  The effect feels like a living exhibit at an art museum.

Concrete and Stone Options for Michigan Summers

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Combination of Concrete Styles and Flowing Curves Around the Pool

This back yard has some simple relaxed designs yet is extremely functional and enjoyable.  By combining broom finished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete this project borders the pool and defines the patio area.  The pool is the center of attention but the added feature of the stone fire pit allows the area to be used after the night makes it a little to cool to swim.  The stone containment wall conceals the pool equipment and adds to the theme set by the fire pit and seat wall.  The stone steps allow entry to the house but contribute to the beautiful backyard landscape.

Enjoy the Upcoming Great Michigan Weather on a New Bluestone Patio

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Full Color Bluestone

Bluestone is a great patio material whether you are using it or just appreciating its beauty on sunny or rainy days.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. is the right company to layout ,prep the site, pour the concrete then install the bluestone.