Staying At Home Made Easy With Inviting Features

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The homeowner”s family at this home was getting older and had children of their own.  Therefore the grandparents were ambitious to create an environment that was inviting for the grandchildren to come and spend time at their home.   The pool was already in place but needed updating.  Micheal J. Dul and Associates came in and created a plan that used the original pool in its location and created this firepit area as well when designing the entirely new landscape.   A very ornate retaining wall serves a functional purpose as it holds back a considerable grade change coming around the side to the pool.  The design for the retaining wall came from a detail that is on the chimneys on the house.  Combining those kinds of details with the landscape adds a lot of synergy to the design.

Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. was responsible for the installation of all these features.  Including the concrete foundations, poured wall for the retaining wall then brick and stone installations.  We also were involved in the restoration of the swimming pool by replacing the coping with the new limestone.  Then we also provided the new tile around the top and at the swim lanes.

The owners were thrilled and continue to have us come and make special adjustments when they need them.



Creative Concrete Employee Environment

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This concrete project designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates was made for the employees of this Troy, Michigan firm.  It’s playful design and great space utilization made it a great space to take breaks.  The patio is a mixture of exposed aggregate and plain broom finish concrete.  Then the curbed exposed aggregate planter adds another point of interest.  It is always fun to work on  creative and unique projects like these.  The alignment of the lines and the change in textures show the true craftsman ship of this concrete installation.

Architectural Concrete in Brimingham MI

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The ramp shown was built with the coordination of many trades and materials.  First a perimeter footing was dug and poured.  Then the wiring came in for the up lighting.  After that the forms were built to the specific shape of the ramp.  That allowed the lights to be wired in to be poured in place.

The pour was challenging as the concrete wants to flow down the ramp naturally.  So keeping the integral curbs filled and making sure all areas were vibrated required the most effort.

Upon completion of the pour the exposed face was then bush hammered and the stainless low profile reveal was installed and caulked into place.

The result is a statement of architecture that compliments the design of the car as well as the downtown setting.

Fountain Comes to Life

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When this job was brought to us we almost turned it down.  The original designer was not involved and there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered.  The plans  were incomplete and short on details.  That makes for a tough start on any project let alone one that involves water, sculptures, electricity and engineering.

The owner was in a position where she knew we were the right fit for the job and she just wanted it to be a perfect tribute to her seven grandchildren.  Every conversation ended with her stating that she trusts what we do and she knows it will be beautiful.

We then jumped in with both feet getting the plans under control and taking the reigns on the engineering of the water system.  That was no small feat.   The plumbing for a project like this requires hundreds of feet of lines that must be properly installed and labeled to make the fountain run correctly.  It is also important to accommodate  for the cold Michigan winters and make sure the system drains well and will not freeze during the cold weather.

That makes the concrete and stone seem like the simple part.  However the concrete was far from easy as there was always a concern for the height of everything to make sure water flowed correctly.  Plus consideration had to be made for underground water storage.  The stone and tile were the finishing touches on this elegant feature.  A 1″x1″ blue mosaic lines the  basins and enhances the water color.  The bluestone matches the tile and richly adds to walking surfaces.

The last part of the project was installing the sculptures that were provided by the owner.  These pieces were each to represent a grandchild of the owner.  That made it additionally important that they be placed in such a way as to not diminish from one another.   The goal was to have them be available for the children to go and see their likeness playfully spraying water into ponds.

Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc turned out to be a perfect fit for this fountain.  With all the experience and knowledge of construction it was really not that hard for a company like ours.  We are a good fit for the project that seems to complicated or not worth all the trouble.  It is not always easy but the results are outstanding.

After installing all the sculptures and testing and balancing the system the fountain worked perfectly.  Just in time for a family function that brought all the grandchildren there on the same day.

Bringing It All Together

It is so important to get everyone to work to one goal of completing a project.  If there is no communication or coordinating of the efforts everyone will selfishly attempt to get there work done without caring how the whole project looks at the end.  That is why having an experienced team of professionals can make all the difference in the world.

When every one cares about what the end result is than you can be assured it will be much better than when the opposite takes place.  Take the time to really look at the success of a contractor with other trades before hiring the low number who cannot come up with one single reference.  That is what it takes to “Bring it all Together”.

This project was designed by Dominick Tringali.  The general contractor was Kellett Construction.  The mason contractor was Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.

A New Exposed Aggregate Driveway In Southeast Michigan

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Exposed aggregate concrete is a wonderful product for so many reasons.  It is an attractive and reasonably priced paving surface.  The exposed stones add a great look to your patio, walk or driveway.

One thing that I like about exposed aggregate concrete is that it is not trying to look like something else.   For example concrete with a stamped brick pattern is trying to not look concrete which it is and trying to look like brick which it is not.

If you are looking to get exposed aggregate concrete you can use either pea stone mix or a larger stone concrete mix.  It is strongly suggested that you use either wire mesh or fiber mesh to reinforce the concrete and prevent cracking.

This project was designed by Deborah Silver from the Detroit Garden Works.  This is just one more feature that was added to a yard that has been beautifully sculpted.  Deborah Silver has befriended the homeowner and helped her turn this property into an oasis.

Stone Signs in the Detroit Metro Area

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Custom Granite Sign in Dearborn Michigan

This granite sign was a beautiful addition to the Dearborn area.  Ford Land has a wonderful plan to install these signs around the area.  The old signs were removed then a 42″ concrete footing was installed.  After that reinforced block was put onto the footing.  Then the granite was measured and ordered.  As soon as the granite was fabricated it was installed on site by stone craftsman.   This kind of work is definitely best left to the professionals.  The materials are expensive and failure is not an option.

A stone sign is a lasting statement in view by all who pass by.

Concrete and Stone Options for Michigan Summers

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Combination of Concrete Styles and Flowing Curves Around the Pool

This back yard has some simple relaxed designs yet is extremely functional and enjoyable.  By combining broom finished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete this project borders the pool and defines the patio area.  The pool is the center of attention but the added feature of the stone fire pit allows the area to be used after the night makes it a little to cool to swim.  The stone containment wall conceals the pool equipment and adds to the theme set by the fire pit and seat wall.  The stone steps allow entry to the house but contribute to the beautiful backyard landscape.