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When you select an extremely elegant and timeless product you want to use an installation company that is up to the challenge.  This granite driveway and fountain was installed by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  The granite came from Genesee Cut Stone and Marble Co.  These stones were 4″ thick and required a lot of care to fit them in place correctly.  A project like this is very important to get right as it has to function as well as look beautiful.  If it is not engineered correctly it will hold water and eventually lead to failures that are very frustrating for an owner who has a lot of money invested in some very expensive material.

Fountain Comes to Life

Posted February 4th, 2012 by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. and filed in Fountains

When this job was brought to us we almost turned it down.  The original designer was not involved and there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered.  The plans  were incomplete and short on details.  That makes for a tough start on any project let alone one that involves water, sculptures, electricity and engineering.

The owner was in a position where she knew we were the right fit for the job and she just wanted it to be a perfect tribute to her seven grandchildren.  Every conversation ended with her stating that she trusts what we do and she knows it will be beautiful.

We then jumped in with both feet getting the plans under control and taking the reigns on the engineering of the water system.  That was no small feat.   The plumbing for a project like this requires hundreds of feet of lines that must be properly installed and labeled to make the fountain run correctly.  It is also important to accommodate  for the cold Michigan winters and make sure the system drains well and will not freeze during the cold weather.

That makes the concrete and stone seem like the simple part.  However the concrete was far from easy as there was always a concern for the height of everything to make sure water flowed correctly.  Plus consideration had to be made for underground water storage.  The stone and tile were the finishing touches on this elegant feature.  A 1″x1″ blue mosaic lines the  basins and enhances the water color.  The bluestone matches the tile and richly adds to walking surfaces.

The last part of the project was installing the sculptures that were provided by the owner.  These pieces were each to represent a grandchild of the owner.  That made it additionally important that they be placed in such a way as to not diminish from one another.   The goal was to have them be available for the children to go and see their likeness playfully spraying water into ponds.

Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc turned out to be a perfect fit for this fountain.  With all the experience and knowledge of construction it was really not that hard for a company like ours.  We are a good fit for the project that seems to complicated or not worth all the trouble.  It is not always easy but the results are outstanding.

After installing all the sculptures and testing and balancing the system the fountain worked perfectly.  Just in time for a family function that brought all the grandchildren there on the same day.