This fireplace was adapted to fit the wall that existed prior to this fireplace being built.  The wall was cut out in the middle then a footing was installed in the back to give a good foundation for the new fireplace structure.  Then the right and left sides were raised in order to create the pillars and a place to eventually install lights.  The design was done by James C. Scott and Associates.  The stone is Michigan split stone and the caps are Indiana limestone.  A gas line was installed so that a gas log set could be selected and the fire could be started remotely.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was able to take care of the whole project including demolition, concrete foundation, stone masonry,installing electrical conduits, and drilling the hole for the gas line.  That made a smooth project for the owner with a seamless schedule.

Creative Fireplace Design Adds to Outdoor Environment

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This fireplace was designed by Emily Fronck from Aguafina.  The Michigan field stone was arranged within the stucco to give it a creative arts and craft feel.  The granite hearth was meant to look like it was growing out of the the stone and is precariously perched within the masonry.  The added wall gives a little more privacy and gives some substance to the structure.  The fireplace also has a natural gas line running to a gas log set within the fireplace.  That way the owner can just turn a switch and they have a roaring fire.

Elegant Styled Grosse Pointe Home

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Grosse Pointe Residence with Cast Stone and Stucco

This house built by Mosher Dolan Cataldo and Kelly has five large fireplaces and four chimneys.  The masonry was done with cast concrete and block covered with stucco.  The detailed chimneys were all part of this McIntosh/Poris Architects design.

A One Of A Kind Limestone Entrance

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This unique entrance sets this home apart from the rest with this ornate limestone.  This project was designed by DesRosier Architects and built by Mosher Dolan Construction.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was awarded the project and built seven masonry fireplaces with four chimneys along with a considerable amount of other stone work.  It is still hard to comprehend how large some of the panels were that were installed.  The scale is lost because of how tall the entrance really was.  However the top two capitals were almost four feet across.

Outdoor Fireplace with Long Lasting Charm

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This outdoor fireplace was created by Scott and Greg Albaugh.   The inspiration was the cozy walled in court yard that needed something.  The owner was open minded yet wanted it to be very attractive when looking at it from the inside.  Notice the herringbone pattern in the firebox and the inset in the brick.  Those are all details that read huge in looking at this fireplace.  The hearth is nice and wide to allow more people to gather around the heat source.   The fireplace was drawn by Scott Albaugh.  Tom Chaney and Noel Ginter also added a lot to this project.

Bringing It All Together

It is so important to get everyone to work to one goal of completing a project.  If there is no communication or coordinating of the efforts everyone will selfishly attempt to get there work done without caring how the whole project looks at the end.  That is why having an experienced team of professionals can make all the difference in the world.

When every one cares about what the end result is than you can be assured it will be much better than when the opposite takes place.  Take the time to really look at the success of a contractor with other trades before hiring the low number who cannot come up with one single reference.  That is what it takes to “Bring it all Together”.

This project was designed by Dominick Tringali.  The general contractor was Kellett Construction.  The mason contractor was Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.

A Masonry Chimney Built to Last in Michigan

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A Masonry Chimney Built to Last

A Masonry Chimney Built to Last

In Michigan we experience some extreme weather conditions that impact the life of your chimney. To know that you are getting a chimney that is properly constructed to withstand the Michigan climate make sure your mason includes some key elements.  It should have water proofing, step flashing, reinforced capping and screening for both sparks and animals.  These items are not added flare they are absolutely imperative details.  Your mason should work with your roofing contractor to make sure the water proofing is done seamlessly.  At the base of the chimney you should have a step flashing or metal through flashing that goes inside and up the face of the chimney with proper weeps to allow water to escape without entering the living space.  The chimney cap is going to get the most exposure to moisture therefore it needs the most carefully designed protection.  Is your mason putting flashing under the cap?  Is he reinforcing the cap?  Is he sloping the cap carefully to make sure water does not sit on it and freeze and cause damage?  These are all valuable questions to ask and need solid answers.  Chimney repairs are costly and can be difficult to deal with in some locations of the home.  Make sure you are prepared to ask the right questions.