Michael J. Dul Designs Another Outdoor Fireplace In Birmingham

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Patrick Funke from Michael J. Dul and Associates provided another very attractive outdoor environment with this fireplace plan.  In the twenty plus years of my career as a custom mason contractor I have always been pleased with what Patrick and the rest of the team at Michael J. Dul and Associates draws up for us to build.  The owner has sent back comments of how him and his young family had some great moments around this new feature we installed at his home.

The brick is reclaimed to match the house.  The hearth, mantle, seat wall caps and sloped shoulders are Indiana buff limestone.  The patio is bluestone drylaid over a gravel base.


Bluestone Patio with Firepit Feature in Birmingham, MI

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This project that was recently completed in Birmingham, Michigan was designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates.  Our long lasting relationship with this designer gives us the flexibility to expand each others creativity.  The award winning design firm allowed us to introduce the bluestone at the wall and firepit.  This was a great fit as it complements the patio and step treads.   The patio is comprised of 24″ x 36″ pieces of full range color natural cleft bluestone.  The wall is built using irregular bluestone laid with the natural split edge out.  This adds a tremendous amount of interest to the project.  The treads were 2″ thick thermal select bluestone.

The owner was thrilled with the product as well as the schedule as it was completed in about two weeks time.



  This fireplace was adapted to fit the wall that existed prior to this fireplace being built.  The wall was cut out in the middle then a footing was installed in the back to give a good foundation for the new fireplace structure.  Then the right and left sides were raised in order to create the pillars and a place to eventually install lights.  The design was done by James C. Scott and Associates.  The stone is Michigan split stone and the caps are Indiana limestone.  A gas line was installed so that a gas log set could be selected and the fire could be started remotely.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was able to take care of the whole project including demolition, concrete foundation, stone masonry,installing electrical conduits, and drilling the hole for the gas line.  That made a smooth project for the owner with a seamless schedule.

Creative Fireplace Design Adds to Outdoor Environment

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This fireplace was designed by Emily Fronck from Aguafina.  The Michigan field stone was arranged within the stucco to give it a creative arts and craft feel.  The granite hearth was meant to look like it was growing out of the the stone and is precariously perched within the masonry.  The added wall gives a little more privacy and gives some substance to the structure.  The fireplace also has a natural gas line running to a gas log set within the fireplace.  That way the owner can just turn a switch and they have a roaring fire.

Outdoor Fireplace with Long Lasting Charm

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This outdoor fireplace was created by Scott and Greg Albaugh.   The inspiration was the cozy walled in court yard that needed something.  The owner was open minded yet wanted it to be very attractive when looking at it from the inside.  Notice the herringbone pattern in the firebox and the inset in the brick.  Those are all details that read huge in looking at this fireplace.  The hearth is nice and wide to allow more people to gather around the heat source.   The fireplace was drawn by Scott Albaugh.  Tom Chaney and Noel Ginter also added a lot to this project.

Cafe Cortina gets a New Outdoor Fireplace

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A restaurant in the Detroit metro area gets a wonderful new feature that adds to its already exceptional reputation for high quality Italian cuissiene .  When the owners of  Cafe Cortina decided to upgrade their outdoor eating area they did it in style.   Old world style that is!  The outdoor fireplace pictured was added to the landscape at the restaurant recently.

The design was done by Victor Saroki and Associates.  The project was then managed by the general contracting firm Thomas Sebold and Associates.  The project was then awarded to us to handle all the footings, fireplace, stone labor and materials.

The project was fun to put together.  The owner was very involved and passionate about the end result.  That is a good environment for us as we are so intent on pleasing the customer that we are glad when they provide a lot of input.

Outdoor fireplaces are more than just a place to warm your hands on a cool night.  They are an artistic statement of your home or in this case the theme of your restaurant.

Cafe Cortina

30715 West 10 Mile Rd

Farmington Hills MI