Posted February 4th, 2012 by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. and filed in Concrete, Porches, Stone

Irregular Stone Walkway

When you walk up to this stone walk and porch all you can say is “WOW!”   It is not a huge over sized porch that makes you unsure how friendly the owner is.  It is  a warm statement of beauty that is exciting to come upon.  You are immediately excited to meet the owner and can take in a beautiful visual as you wait for someone to come to the door.

You might even just enjoy coming home to this porch and going in your own front door.  There is nothing wrong with improving your entrance for your own benefit.

The right company can do the demo of the old porch and the installation of the new.  Ask for references and photos of jobs complete.  Do not trust someone that cannot provide either.  Also make sure to request a proof of workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.  It would be a terrible hardship to hire a company to replace your porch and an employee of theirs gets hurt and looks to you for damages.  Another horrible situation is if during the course of the improvements your property is damaged the contractor just walks away.  A professional will have proper insurance and not be afraid to prove it.