Masonry Arch in Stone Grotto in Southeast Michigan

Posted February 12th, 2011 by Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. and filed in Masonry Services, Stone
Masonry Arches in Stone GrottoStone Grotto At St. Thomas Chaldean Church

Masonry Arches in Stone Grotto

This stone arch is an exciting part of this masonry project.  The arch in masonry is always held in high regard.  Even though the physics of it are quite simple it is amazing to walk under something that is supporting so much weight.  In this case this arch is cast stone and weighs almost two thousand pounds.

Stone Grotto At St. Thomas Chaldean Church

Stone Grotto At St. Thomas Chaldean Church

This stone grotto built at St. Thomas Chaldean Church in West Bloomfield Michigan was designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates.  The stone veneer is a mixture of Michigan fieldstone and split Michigan fieldstone.  Notice the stones at each side of the opening.  They were split out of boulders that were over four feet tall.