Solid Marble Fireplace in Ann Arbor, MI

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This fireplace surround was fabricated out of huge pieces of solid marble.   The owners selected the marble from Capital Stone Works out of Bridgeport MI.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile was then asked to do the installation for the owners.  We work very well with all the guys at Capital Stone.  The large mantle piece installation required five people which included the owner of  Albaugh Masonry, one set of teenage twins, a very strong 200lb. man and one professional hockey player.




Contemporary Stone Project in Bloomfield Hills Goes Green

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When a plan comes in our office from the architectural firm Young and Young Architects we hold it in high regard and value the opportunity to bid the masonry.  This family owned firm produces some of the most exquisite designs.  We have been fortunate enough to do several project with the Youngs even working with them on their own homes.  This home is no different.      It is an awesome example of a contemporary.  Above that it has a Platinum Leed rating.  The home owners are committed to preserving the environment and play a large role in a land conservancy group.

The veneer stone is Valders buff split face and the paving is Valders buff again with a sandblast finish.  Albaugh Masonry installed all stone on this project.

Extremely Ornate Fireplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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This stately Fireplace is the focal point of a large living room.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. installed this cast stone fireplace in the Ann Arbor area.  It took a large  group  to lift all the pieces in place by hand.  The fine detail on the fire place adds a lot to the room and the rest of the fine craftsmanship around the home.  The pieces were so large that it required us to  install wire back to the substrate to hold all the stone in place.  The end result is a very ornate feature.


  This fireplace was adapted to fit the wall that existed prior to this fireplace being built.  The wall was cut out in the middle then a footing was installed in the back to give a good foundation for the new fireplace structure.  Then the right and left sides were raised in order to create the pillars and a place to eventually install lights.  The design was done by James C. Scott and Associates.  The stone is Michigan split stone and the caps are Indiana limestone.  A gas line was installed so that a gas log set could be selected and the fire could be started remotely.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was able to take care of the whole project including demolition, concrete foundation, stone masonry,installing electrical conduits, and drilling the hole for the gas line.  That made a smooth project for the owner with a seamless schedule.


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Mitch Elliott is shown carefully setting a stone on wall surrounding a new outdoor hot tub area designed by Michael J. Dul and Associates.  Mitch has worked for Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile for seventeen years.

You have to shake the hand of a craftsman to realize that his hands are thick with muscle and marred with character.  A hand that has held a chisel and formed countless stones into the will of the design.  Calloused by the continued abrasive nature of the stone.  Scarred not because of careless accidental hits with a hammer but with nicks from sharp pieces of granite that have been broken off with a chisel and hammer that is swung with amazing accuracy.

A craftsman is still a person to behold because of his experience and passion for his trade.

I would like to post this as a tribute to Mitch Elliott and all craftsman that are putting the projects together we might take for granted.