European Look in Orchard Lake Michigan

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This project was designed by Michael Grasser.  Michael likes to use the granite Belgium blocks that were used as ship ballasts when ships would come to America empty to be loaded here in the states.  The stones were then used as paving stones in all the larger cities of that time.  Detroit was one of those ports that received a lot of the red granite that was used in this photo.  The great part of the stone is that they have a side that is especially worn from history’s continued travel across the pavers.  These pavers saw every thing from people walking to work to the horse drawn carriage and then eventually the car and even the truck making its way across town.

Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. provided the installation of these granite pavers and the grass pavers in the turn around parking areas.  The circular pattern around the drains created a great look in this court yard.  Then the curbs and border define the drive nicely.


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This home was plagued with some severe water problems.  There was leaking over the bay window and as well over the entry.  The leaking had caused some structural damage to the entrance roof areas around the door.

The owner then decided to upgrade the entire front with this new limestone entrance and bay window.  The upper window above the entrance was replaced as well as the sill of the tri-window above the bay.  All this work was instrumental in fixing the water damage.  The owner as well decided to add the new walls to the landscape out front and a new bluestone porch and walk with a new heated granite drop off.

The project was designed by Young and Young architects.  The general contractor was Mike Hornung from Pyramid Interiors.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. provided all the labor and materials to make the changes.  Genesee Cut Stone fabricated all the limestone.


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This stone and limestone entrance in Rochester Hills Michigan was designed by AZD with general contractor TSA both in Birmingham Michigan.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. was hired to install all brick and stone on this project veneer.  Later we were asked to install all the bluestone in the the front entrance then the limestone around the pool in the back.  We also install two very complex fireplaces inside as well.  We still maintain a great relationship with the owner and have even worked at his commercial building for him.


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This may look like just a very nice raised patio that has some nice stone work and a nice railing.  However it is much more than that.  It is a patio that was originally a very unusable part of the owners yard.  It also has a storage room underneath.  John Lyndsay Mayer the landscape architect designed this contemporary terrace with switch back steps that lead to another patio at ground level.

First this required a large amount of excavation.  Then it required the foundations to be installed.  Then the room was built with concrete blocks after which a steel deck was installed for concrete to be poured over the top.  After that the stone work started.  The paving stone was put on pedestals which means the paving is level yet the water flows through the joints to a sloped concrete pad underneath then down a hidden drain.  This was not easy as it had to work around the lights and the railings.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  works very well with John Mayer.  He is a very involved landscape architect and has a strong desire to line up certain elements.  As you can see the landscape is a big part of this project as well.  The plantings almost seem bigger than life.  When taking on a project like this I would make sure to be very selective with the contractor that you choose

Solid Marble Fireplace in Ann Arbor, MI

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This fireplace surround was fabricated out of huge pieces of solid marble.   The owners selected the marble from Capital Stone Works out of Bridgeport MI.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile was then asked to do the installation for the owners.  We work very well with all the guys at Capital Stone.  The large mantle piece installation required five people which included the owner of  Albaugh Masonry, one set of teenage twins, a very strong 200lb. man and one professional hockey player.




Contemporary Stone Project in Bloomfield Hills Goes Green

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When a plan comes in our office from the architectural firm Young and Young Architects we hold it in high regard and value the opportunity to bid the masonry.  This family owned firm produces some of the most exquisite designs.  We have been fortunate enough to do several project with the Youngs even working with them on their own homes.  This home is no different.      It is an awesome example of a contemporary.  Above that it has a Platinum Leed rating.  The home owners are committed to preserving the environment and play a large role in a land conservancy group.

The veneer stone is Valders buff split face and the paving is Valders buff again with a sandblast finish.  Albaugh Masonry installed all stone on this project.

Granite Drive Makes Old Stone New

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There is something about used stone that creates a look that cannot be matched artificially.  You can tumble stone or brick pavers and get a very nice look.  However reclaiming stone pavers creates a historical mosaic of color and texture that is not able to be duplicated.

These pavers were purchased from Philadelphia street paving demolition contractors.  That alone presented a problem.  There was the concern if there would be enough.  Then it would require a very reliable freight carrier.  Then with the irregular shapes the pallets did not stack well at all.  Lastly we had approximately twenty-six semi trailers full of this stone that had to be unloaded and strored on site to await its installation.

Stone pavers like this appear as though they lay pretty flat.  Although in reality every stone is varied in thickness from four to eight inches.  This required us to lay the stones in a bed of mortar that leveled each paver out.  It was important to keep each stone tight so that it would not appear to loose.

This project was designed by Rik Haugen from JJR in Ann Arbor ,MI.  Frank Rewold and Son Construction Company was the general contractor.  Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc.  was the stone installer and as well installed all the stone and masonry on the house.

This drive takes on a different look wet, dry,winter and summer.  That is what makes the stone such a special product to use.


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Irregular Stone Walkway

When you walk up to this stone walk and porch all you can say is “WOW!”   It is not a huge over sized porch that makes you unsure how friendly the owner is.  It is  a warm statement of beauty that is exciting to come upon.  You are immediately excited to meet the owner and can take in a beautiful visual as you wait for someone to come to the door.

You might even just enjoy coming home to this porch and going in your own front door.  There is nothing wrong with improving your entrance for your own benefit.

The right company can do the demo of the old porch and the installation of the new.  Ask for references and photos of jobs complete.  Do not trust someone that cannot provide either.  Also make sure to request a proof of workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.  It would be a terrible hardship to hire a company to replace your porch and an employee of theirs gets hurt and looks to you for damages.  Another horrible situation is if during the course of the improvements your property is damaged the contractor just walks away.  A professional will have proper insurance and not be afraid to prove it.

Who does this kind of Stone Work in Michigan?

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This stone project was designed by the landscape architecture firm JJR from Ann Arbor, MI.  Every step was carefully planned and orchestrated to create this back yard view.  Greg Albaugh ran the project which involved site work, layout, drainage, stone logistics and complete installation.  The expertise required to pull off a project like this is at the highest levels.  When you factor in all the points that must line up, the performance and longevity of the stone, then the actual craftsmanship the task can be overwhelming.  The extremely involved owner insisted his vision be met in this stone project.  Upon completion Albaugh Masonry Stone and Tile Inc. was glad to put this project into our portfolio.